Thursday, 10 April 2008

Nova offices - part II

Someone left a comment on this story recently about my views on Nova and their office lights at 6.30am. I took that on board, and stopped on the way home last night to take some photos of the Nova offices from the bike ramp on the Anzac Bridge.

Peering into offices is not something that I am terribly comfortable with, but a question was raised about what I could and could not see, so this is the only way to answer it.

I took a series of 9 photos, and the only reason I am not publishing them is that they came out like crap. My camera's zoom is useless once it goes over 3x, and the light at 5pm was all wrong - it was over my shoulder and reflecting off the glass. The human eye could see into the offices without too many problems, but the camera could not get past the reflecting glass. I will have to stop again one morning and try again when the light is better.

My survey of an entire wall of offices at 5pm showed that only one showed any sign of human activity - and from my vantage point, I could see into 3 floors worth of offices. I think the shot above shows that one has a pretty clear view from the bike ramp, even if the shot comes out blurry and the interior is as distinct as looking through a porthole of the Titanic at 6000 fathoms. In short, it is dead easy to tell with the naked eye whether an office has someone in it or not, and it is even more distinct at 6.30am when it is dark outside and light within.

I hope that answers the query about how I could see into all the offices.

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