Sunday, 20 April 2008

Idea for the summit

Here's an idea.

How about you develop your policies before the election, and present them to the electorate for approval or rejection? It's usually called a "Manifesto". It lists what you set to do when you get into power. That way, the electorate have some idea of what you plan to do with their money.

If you haven't go any ideas, get your party branches to sit down for a few months and come up with some. That's called "policy development". Each branch then gets to debate the ideas for a while, and the favoured ones get pushed up the line to the state level, where they get debated at a state conference. Ideas that are approved there get pushed up to a national conference.

That's why political parties have branches, state conferences and federal conferences. It's about generating, debating and approving ideas. It's about turning talk into policy.

If your party is so fucked that it can't do that anymore, then it shouldn't be running for anything.

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