Friday, 4 April 2008

Blowing in the wind

For once, I was glad to take the bus yesterday. (I had to, as the bike was at work). It turned out that the day was windy as hell - no rain or thunder or anything, just an enormous amount of wind.

The interesting thing is how the wind piled up all the leaves and rubbish into piles in the oddest of places. When I first walked past these two cars when the wind was really howling, the leaves were up the door handles. I came back two hours later (when this photo was taken) and they had subisided somewhat.

I passed a few more piles like this in other places - at the foot of stairs, in the middle of courtyards - that kind of thing. I guess the city landscape creates all sorts of odd vorticies and wind tunnels.

The worst thing though was that the most common item of rubbish in these piles seemed to be either a McDonalds drink cup or a McDonalds medium fries packet.

This whole thing was like Nature's leaf blower writ huge.

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