Sunday, 2 December 2007

These people are going to hate me

This photo shows a dead end street that almost runs into Parramatta Road. To the right of this shot there is a car yard. The cars that you see quadruple parked in the street belong to the car yard.

I wrote to the Council recently and had a whinge about this practice. The Council is now going to make this end of the street no parking.

I wouldn't mind them parking like this, except that they often park on the footpath and block anyone trying to get past. My reasoning is that they brought it upon themselves. They overreached and got cheeky, and now they are going to suffer.

Besides, why should they be using public space to run a private business? If they are short of room on their lot, they should rent a bigger one. I don't think the state should be supporting business in any way, including providing free land in an area where it costs millions of dollars per acre.

Some parking inspector is going to have a field day here when the first no parking sign goes up.

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