Sunday, 2 December 2007

Sunday cruise

My new found ability to ride has not translated into any profound resolutions regarding getting up early and riding hard in the coolth of the day. Rather, I slept in until around 9, then didn't get in the saddle until about 1. Not that it mattered much - the day was balmy rather than hot, so I could ride without being fried.

On my previous rides to Homebush and beyond, I have noticed what appears to be a bike path branching off from Lyons Rd near the golf course. I took a punt today, gave myself over to The Force and went where the track led me.

It started by meeting this canal, which soon emptied out into The Bay. The path then followed the edge of The Bay right around to a boat ramp/picnic area at the far end. The path wasn't long - maybe not even a kilometre, but it was a lovely spot to ride along. The view off to the right was marvelous.

When the path finished, I decided to stooge around in suburbia to see how the other half lives. I love looking at the contents of other peoples shopping trolleys when I am in the supermarket, and I also love looking at houses. I don't covet them or particularly like a lot of them - I am just fascinated by the human condition.

Take this place for instance - who puts a bloody concrete angel out the front on their letterbox? That's just wierd.

I took a photo from here to show two things. The first is the Bushells factory in the background - that pointy thing is their smoke stack. (Given that stacks are not allowed to smoke anymore, what do we call them these days?)

The second was to show the houses. These are what I would call McMansions version 1. That is, they are big houses built in the inner suburbs. McMansions version II are all being built much further out, partly because Councils have a fit when you propose these in an older suburb these days, and partly because the land costs so much (in my opinion). You can see a whole swag of 1980's vintage McMansions in this street.

Then there was this two door "sports" car, with P plate, sitting in the driveway. It isn't very obvious in the photo, but the front has been smashed up and re-touched. Sheesh, buy your kid a fanged-up hoon-mobile and then wonder why it gets carted home hanging off the back of a tow truck. When the kids are old enough to own a car, they are not going to be allowed to buy anything speedier than a cement mixer.

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