Monday, 10 December 2007

My brain is fried

I have nothing to write about. Normally, my brain is frothing with ideas that demand to be written down. It didn't froth today, and it didn't froth yesterday, and it hasn't frothed much since I got the flu. My temperature went up when I got the flu, and I could feel my brain shifting down a few gears. I spent some time at work today, staring at some stuff and trying (and failing) to figure it out. Normally, I look at stuff and answers just blast into my brain. Not today. Just wasn't interested.

Funnily enough, I woke up at 3am on day 3 of the flu with the most amazing string of ideas going through my head. I'd been running a fever all day, and suddenly it broke in the wee hours of the morning and from that point on, my brain was on fire. I woke up with the most vivid flow of stuff pouring through my head, and it kept on going for about an hour after that. I was sorely tempted to get up and write it down, but sheer exhuastion kept me stuck to the sheets (along with a puddle of sweat). Before long, I felt this great gush of ideas petering out, and then they started to fade.

By morning, I couldn't remember a damned thing. All I could remember was the fact that I had an hour of amazing thoughts, and that it was now all gone.

So you've missed out on some truly interesting things to think about. And so have I.

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