Saturday, 8 December 2007

Garden photos

Although it is now impossible to walk from one end of the garden to the other without getting a face full of spider web, the useless bastards do not appear to be having any impact on the fly population.

I thought spiders were supposed to be masters at building webs. I'm sure David Attenborough told me so - it must be true. Someone needs to tell this spider to reduce the size of the gaps in his web - I watched a few flies go straight through the web.

Their diet must be a bit lacking as well, because I also saw a large fly go right through a web, knocking a hole in it in the process. I thought these webs were supposed to be strong enough to support the space shuttle. Ah well, another myth bites the dust.

Guess which plant produced these flowers.

Lettuce. Bet you didn't get that right.

Here we have a sneaky spider waiting for prey to arrive. This spider owns a big web stretched between two trees, but instead of hanging around in the centre of the web (possibly as bird food), it has entrenched itself in the leaves, and it hangs out there waiting for food to hit the web.

Another web, with a spider that looks more like a crab that anything else. Where have all the interesting looking spiders gone?

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