Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Icecream part IV

Tonight, I lashed out and bought some Gelativo stuff - proper vanilla bean flavour and all. It's made just up the road in Rozelle, so it shouldn't suffer from being transported all over the countryside. I got a 1 litre tub for $7, brought it home and prepared to weight it, and......

..........couldn't find the bloody kitchen scales. They've gone walkabout.

I reckon it weighs about the same as the Sara Lee stuff - maybe 800gms or more. I didn't bother stuffing around for too long. I just ripped the top off and ate some.

It's quite good. I'm not sure gellato is really suited to being done as a vanilla flavour. I'll have to try something like lemon next time. And hopefully by then, I will have found the scales.

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