Sunday, 2 December 2007

Tax cuts vs services

I saw a few stickers during the election campaign that said something like "Services, not tax cuts".

What a stupid thing to say.

It implies that only the state can provide the services that people need. What bollocks. I can buy all the services I need from the private sector if need be. I don't need the state telling me what I should have and where I should get it and when I can have it. In that model, we become supplicants to the state - "Please sir, can I have some more?" The consumer is not king - the consumer is a serf.

I fail to see why tax cuts, which will put more money into my pocket, will somehow reduce or limit the services that I require. If I have more money, I can buy more of the services that I need. I know what I need and what I value most - I can prioritise my services spending better than any joker in an office somewhere.

The thing I detest about this argument is that you have one side wrapping themselves in a cloat of pious goodness, when what they are really saying is "We will decide what services you get, and the manner in which you get them". ie, command and control.

Bugger that. Bugger you. Give me the cash and let me decide. You pompous, fat-headed monkey-sucking, snot brains.

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