Friday, 21 December 2007

Stupidest headline today

SMH ran this story today:

Shot 'multiple times'.

It turns out that A man has been shot in the leg and abdomen...

So being shot twice is now morphed into "multiple times". And in case you are thinking, "Aha, maybe he was shot six times in the leg, the story goes on to say:

Police said a Bonnyrigg man in his early 40s was shot once in the leg and once in the abdomen

Two shots do not equal multipe times. And nowhere in the story does it provide an attribution for the quote of "multiple times". The Silly could get away with it by saying that a bystander said those two stupid words, but they do not identify anyone in the story as uttering them.

Why is it so difficult for the Silly to grasp such simple concepts?

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