Monday, 3 December 2007

Icecream continued

In my search for better icecream, I have just bought a 1 litre tub of fancy icecream - some sort of Sara Lee concoction I think. Chocolate. Lots of chocolate.

The 1 litre tub weighed in at 903 grams. The last time I examined high quality icecream, a 1 litre tub of fancy gellato tipped the scales at 888 grams. A fairly ordinary tub came in around the same weight - but for 2 litres.

So I now have the numbers on three different icecreams. Good quality stuff is nearly twice as dense as cheap stuff. Cheap stuff though costs about 60% by weight as the good stuff.

My head is spinning. The great gellato costs me $9. The good icecream costs $7.50. The dead ordinary stuff is around $5 a tub. Which one do I choose?

The one with the biggest tits.

Ha ha.

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