Friday, 7 December 2007


The SMH has developed this nasty habit of using a photo of a police car for stories on their web site when they don't have a photo from the actual event. This, combined with bad judgement with headlines, has the unfortunate effect of suggesting that the police are actually responsible for the events spelled out in the story - except that you have to click on the story to find out that the police had nothing to do with whatever heinous crime has been committed.

For those people that just skip over websites, glancing at the news, they'll probably develop the impression that police are running down people, dealing drugs and peddling children for sex.

I'd post an example here, except that they keep changing their front page, and the sample that I was going to screen grab has been updated. If they don't have a photo, I wish they'd put up nothing at all, rather than trying to beautify their page and make it look prettier or more interesting.

It's supposed to be a news site after all.

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