Wednesday, 12 December 2007

More crap from the Law Society:

Personal attacks on a Queensland judge who decided not to impose prison sentences on nine males who pleaded guilty to the pack rape of a 10-year-old girl are intolerable, the Queensland Law Society says.

Why are they intolerable? Are judges above criticism? Funny that when a judge locks up say a greenie for chaining themself to a tree, the lefties go nuts and say all sorts of awful things about the terrible judges. It's only intolerable to attack a wet-fish, limp wristed judge.

"The independence of the judiciary is and must remain paramount as one of the fundamental tenets of our justice system."

"Neither the media nor any community group, however sincere and well-meaning their motives might be in this matter, should try and supplant the due process of our justice system which is a robust one with inbuilt checks and balances," she said.

The judiciary is not independent of society. The justice system does not exist in a vaccuum. To somehow think that judges are not swayed by their personal opinions, community attitudes and the "winds of change" is bollocks. Judges are people, and as prone to prejudice and preformed opinions as the rest of us.

What this idiot from the Law Society fails to realise is that the justice system depends on the goodwill of the people. The people (ie, you and me) will support it so long as we think it is performing a worthwhile function. Judges have to be attuned to societal mores to a certain extent. Hell, activist judges like Kirby are so swayed by hipster opinion, they need to be locked away in an ivory tower to give them a bit of perspective. Sometimes, judges need to be smacked over the head. Just like the rest of us. If judges get too far out of line in relation to community standards and expectations, they'll undermine the faith that we have in the system. To be effective, they have to toe the line to a certain extent.

Hopefully, that is the last time I use that offensive word "community" in this blog.

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