Saturday, 15 December 2007

Harry high pants

Our local supermarket has some council installed bike racks out the front, courtesy of agitation from our local bicycle user group. They're even near the front door of the supermarket, which is a nice touch. Normally, bike racks are put down the back of the car park in a spot that used to hold a grease trap or turd tanker.

Tonight, I saw two of the users of those bike racks. (I live close enough to walk, so I've never touched them). One of them was an older bloke in long white socks and harry high-pants. The other was a wierd looking hippy fellow, also with a penchant for wearing his trousers around his nipples.

As much as I love cycling, why does it attract such a freak show of adherents? Why can't I see normal people on bicycles for once? Most of the women on bikes remind me of Margot Kingston. The horror, the horror...

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