Saturday, 1 December 2007

Can I learn to be a better writer?

Here is a photo of the entrance to the NSW Writers Centre.

It's in Callan Park, which is in Rozelle, and Callan Park is a former loony bin. Parts of it might still be a loony bin - I'm not sure. I always push the pedals down a bit harder when I go past, just in case someone in wee-stained tracksuit pants tries to accost me for a chat.

Why do we need a Writers Centre at all? Why does someone feel the need to take money from the taxpayer and spend it on this? Are good writers made or born?

I know that I write better when I'm drunk. I also write superbly when I am with drunken mates. At least I think I write superbly when I'm hammered. But if I do, I would not be the first writer to find a bit of extra muse in the bottom of a bottle. Steven Fry wrote the other day of the problems that he had with writing when he gave up smoking.

Perhaps we'd be better off just moving the Writers Centre into a pub across the road. I think that would result in money well spent. I don't see a problem with it - we're already pissing a lot of money up against the wall in this worthless venture. Why not take the money to the pub and literally piss it up against a wall?

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