Monday, 17 December 2007

The miles doth not add up

I would like to be able to ride 100 miles a week - week in, week out. It seems I never get there. I might crack the ton every now and again, but it's as elusive as wrestling a greasy pig. Either the body just gives up and begs for a day off when I am around 140km, or I get the flu, or slip over and bung my knee, or some fucking stupid physical ailment pops out of nowhere. Who was that guy that was continually pushing the rock up the hill? That's me.

Last week, I managed a very un-manly 60km. Not bad in some respects, given that I had lungs that were still gurgling with snot thanks to a dose of flu, but pretty pathetic in the war on stomach.

I just don't know how hard core athletes manage it. How do they manage to juggle the kids, shopping, mowing the lawn, making dinner, cleaning up, going to work and all the other things that conspire to keep one immobile instead of riding like the wind?

Speaking of wind, it was howling today. Thankfully mainly at my back on the way home, but the sideways gusts at times were enough to tilt me over a few degrees. Nasty.

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