Sunday, 2 December 2007

Stupid statements of the week

I spotted two statements in our local fish wrap this week that got my blood up.

First was from a George Toubia, who voted Labor. "Number 1, in life you need change. Number two, I lost my job with Telstra because of work reform."

What a goose. First, he wants change (at a Federal level), and then complains that he lost his job because of change! Does anyone else fail to see the disconnect between the two?

The other thing that annoyed me is that he probably got a huge payout from Telstra when he was made redundant. George looks to be in his late 50's, so he probably walked with hundreds of thousands of dollars. I hate people that get a huge payout and then whinge about it.

Second statement was from Abdel Ayass, who voted Green. "We should live in a society, not an economy".

What the hell does that mean? Did the Liberals some how spend the last 11 years passing legislation to ban "society"? Society is something that we create at the micro level, not something that the government conjures up out of thin air. Does he think that if we have a Department of Society, one will magically be created?


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