Thursday, 6 December 2007

Follow the money

A few good crime thrillers/movies/shows have used the line "follow the money" when trying to crack a criminal conspiracy.

We've also seen the term "conspiracy" applied to the tobaco industry, the oil industry, the car industry (resisting safety and fuel economy improvements), the weapons industry and any other industry that the greenocracy deems to be "bad".

I think it's time we applied these two terms to Global Warming. No, I am not a conspiracy nutter, but I would enjoy hearing this term applied to the greenocracy for once, since it is always used with opprobrium. Let me say it now - Global Warming was invented by the Gnomes of Zurich. Yes, you read that here first. If you read the Protocols of Zion, you'll see that global warming is a plot by the Jews to corner various real estate markets.

Hey, I could get on a roll here. Seen any black helicopters flying around the global warming conference in Bali? You won't hear any, as they are all using whisper mode. What I want to know is where the real deals are done in Bali - you know, the guys in hooded robes with the funny handshakes and the goat sacrifices and that sort of thing. The actual powerbrokers who decide the fate of the planet whilst various world "leaders" pose for photos at the conference, and NGOs run around handing out pamplets and seeing who has the most bio-degradable stall.

I bet we'll find out in a few years time that Halliburton bought Bangladesh in a back room deal at the conference.

Following the money is easy. Just look at how the research grant system has been twisted to include a global warming slant. I should apply for a grant to research how global warming has impacted on blogging. Are more bloggers currently blogging in their underpants as a result of global warming?

/rant off.

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