Saturday, 15 December 2007


Some people are scum. There are no two ways about it. Just like there are hard working people that put a huge amount of effort into helping others (like the people the spend their weekends cleaning up our local school), there are others that are the complete opposite.

There are builders and there are wreckers.

I have long thought that it is the job of the Police and the justice system to separate the two, generally by locking up the wreckers, or giving them a good whack over the head with a truncheon. The harder the better.

It seems though that in the last 30 years, this has morphed into "exploiters" and "victims", and the Plod are now expected to protect the victims from the exploiters (ie, families like us, where we have one person working full time, one person running a small business and a couple of kids to bring up in a civilised fashion).

Scum come in all shapes and sizes and colours, as do the builders. What shits me at the moment is the pussy footing around when it comes to the rapists of the young girl up at Aurukun. They are scum, pure and simple. Just because they are Aboriginal, it doesn't mean they are members of a uniquely saintly race. It's become deeply unfashionable to call someone scum, but I reckon the term fits the situation. And they are not black scum - they are just scum. Scum doesn't come with a colour attached. If they are to be judged by their actions rather than the colour of their skin, then I judge them to be scum. Unfortunately, some loony lefties seem to be judging them by the colour of their skin, rather than their actions, and that's just wrong. Way wrong.

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