Friday, 21 December 2007

The tension is almost palpable...

Oh please spare me the kind of over-egged journalistic dribble that almost had me vomiting up my breakfast this morning. Here is a story on deer culling.

The first paragraph gets going with The tension in the vehicle is almost palpable

Oh what crap. I've been out shooting from a ute plenty of times and I have never noticed any tension in the vehicle. The blood does start to pump a little faster - there'd be no point in going shooting if it didn't provide some sort of thrill. But tension? Bollocks.

The crash of the rifle is shockingly loud, even from inside the cab, and despite the high-tech ear-defenders we all wear.

Well, that says it all. A rifle shot is only shockingly loud if you are not used to hearing one being fired. I think the journo was feeling tense because it was the first time they'd ever been out spotlighting. Everyone else was probably as relaxed as a louche lounge lizarrd.

This blew me away.

The two support vehicles arrive and an RSPCA inspector, Slade Macklin, examines the deer to confirm the kill has been humane.

The whole shoot must have involved at least half a dozen people. Presumably all on overtime.

Hell, I'll do it for free and I'll bring my own ammo and beer. For crying out loud - the Department running this show could auction off the rights to shoot a few deer and actually make money from hunters.

We are in the death grip of stupid, unimaginative socialists.

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