Thursday, 6 December 2007

Conservatives have fewer mental problems

I have read a few articles on this thesis lately. Research is showing that the further to the left you are, the madder you are likely to be. Well, I made that last bit up, but it sounds about right to me. We don't call them the "loonie left" for nothing.

The election clarified a lot of things for me. After the election, I bumped into a number of people who asked me how I voted, then before I could answer, spouted "I voted Green" or "I voted Labor".

Well, good for you. We all get a vote, and you can use yours anyway you like.

But don't expect me to tell you how I voted. It's none of your business. I don't care how you voted frankly, and I make an effort to not judge people according to their political affiliations. I try to judge them by their qualities and their actions.

The whole in your face "I voted Green" really gets up my nose. Next time I bump into one, I will thank them for that information and then politely ask them to go and take down their election posters, which are still festooning power poles all over Sydney. I spotted one outside World Square on George St yesterday. I get the feeling that the Greens are in permanent campaign mode, and will never take their signs down. I need a flame thrower with a good reach. I'm sure the non-biodegradable plastic that they are made out of will burn beautifully.

I see the whole "I have to tell you how I voted" thing as a sign of a mental problem. These are people that are seeking the acclamation of others in order to feel good. I don't need someone to pat me on the back in order for me to feel good. I generate positive feelings about myself and my existance internally. I think that is the sign of a good conservative - they are self motivated and independently minded enough to go their own way. Group-think is not a part of our mental makeup. Group hugs are not required to bolster our week and measly self esteem.

Greens, or lefties, are therefor shallow, spineless people in search of some external support for their existence. If you cram enough jellyfish together in a tight bunch, you can make a pile of them - that is how I see lefties. It will keep falling over unless you keep on patting it back into shape and adding more jellyfish to the top of the pile. The only way to keep the pile together is to give it a big hug.

I have enough spine to stand alone.

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