Monday, 3 December 2007

The bus is a good indicator of Kyoto seriousness

I am sick of being told that my car is killing the planet. Did a polar bear die today? Diddums. Skin it and ship it over so that it can take up residence on my lounge room floor.

If I am to persauded not to drive, what then is my alternative? I can walk to work, but it is a 9km trek that would take 105 minutes each way. I can easily walk that far in 90 minutes, but you need to add 15 minutes for traffic lights, dopey mothers with prams getting in your way etc etc. I have walked that kind of distance to and from work on a daily basis, but it does tend to take a chunk out of your day. Especially when the alternative is to drive it in 20 minutes.

Since we have no train line, and the ferries out this way are more crowded than live sheep carriers, the only alternative is the bus.

At present, the bus system is bulging at the seams. Our stupid masters in Macquarie St don't seem to have realised that the number of buses has to be increased year on year to cope just with population growth, let alone a shift in transport modes from the car to the bus. I think the idiot Minister for Transport has looked at the bus numbers for 2000 and decided that it would be fine to have the same number of buses today, even though there are about 10% more people living in Sydney.

The bus system as it stands today is completely incapable of dealing with a mode shift from cars of even 1 or 2%. In fact I wish some people would move back to their cars, and get their smelly armpits out of my face in the morning. I will start believing that politicians are serious about doing something useful about Kyoto when they pump a bit of money into extra buses. And trains. And ferries.

Until then, all talk about saving the planet is just a crock of shit. As they say, put your money where your mouth is.

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