Thursday, 6 December 2007

There's always one fly......

I have just been sacked out on the couch for most of the morning, gibbering with flu. The worst part of it was the one fly that just had to crawl over my face from time to time.

Although I have a fly trap out the back, and two cans of fly spray strategically located throughout the house, we are still suffering under a small plague of flies. I walk through the house several times a day, zapping this way and that. Piles of dead flies are stacking up on every window sill, yet still they keep coming.

I'd love to know where the little buggers are breeding. I might have to undertake a covert raid on my neighbours bins.

What I have noticed is how manouverable the modern fly is. It used to be that you pointed the can at a fly, depressed the lever and the fly just meandered into a cloud of death. These days, they seem to be remarkably good at flying around the cloud before it reaches them. I am now producing clouds of fly spray that would do a thunderstorm proud.

There was a TV ad around years ago that showed a fly in slow motion flying into a cloud of sly spray and one big, fat drop smacks into the fly's head from front on. It's a great shot.

That's what I visualise happening when I spray the little buggers. Pity it never happens anymore.

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