Sunday, 16 December 2007


I thought I'd grab some snaps of different classes of people living cheek by jowl along the water's edge (note that most of these places will be underwater according to the global warming bullshit crowd - this appears to have had no impact on property prices).

Here we have a bit of a Taj Mahal on the waterfront - big fence, good sized frontage, big trees and a big locked gate. The house is so well screened, it is almost invisible from the road. Makes me wonder what sort of squillionaire lives in there.

About a hundred yards away, we have this - small house, can't afford a fence and two crapped out cars in the driveway.

Further around the water, we have this rather unsalubrious establishment with an old, rusting Commodore in the drive.

Here is the view across the water.

Here are the neighbours and their Rommel inspired concrete gun emplacement.

No rusting Commodore for them!

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