Sunday, 2 December 2007

Darwin award, coming right up

There must be an epidemic of micro-penis syndrome around here. Maybe all the mums were dosed up with something like Thalydomide 20 years ago, and instead of having stumpy arms, the kids were born with stumpy little dicks.

Like Mr Xcessiv here. What sort of fucking idiot of a parent thinks it is ok for junior to drive a car with a spoiler not much smaller than the tail fin of an F-111? And a Lancer no less - a complete road rocket.

I see something like this and think that the next thing Mum is going to be buying is a bunch of flowers to tape to the power pole that idiot son just wrapped his car around. You can afford to buy a car, but you can't buy common sense.

A more sensible car, but what were they thinking with the number plate? Edible?

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