Sunday, 2 December 2007

Terrible toilet

I don't normally go to parties and take a photo of the host's toilet, but in this instance, I felt compelled to tell the world about the awful toilets being installed in this new development at Homebush.

The thing that I hate about it is that it's about 3 or 4 inches lower to the floor than a normal toilet. Crapper got it right back in the 1800's with his toilet, and every toilet manufactured up to about 1998 kept to the height that he set, and life was good.

Then some stupid designer decided to come out with a model that was lower to the ground - like a sports car perhaps? Is this thing designed for speed crapping? Is it supposed to lower "wind" resistance?

Maybe it uses fewer resources to produce - just thing how green it is. A toilet that required 20% less clay to manufacture (as if the world is running short of clay).

I hate it. When I sit, I want to sit upright. I don't want to be hunched over like Ghandi. If I want to have an uncomfortable crap, I'll go and crap under a tree somewhere. Us westerners have put an awful lot of money and effort into producing the best sewerage systems on the planet, and then some adle-brained goose goes and wrecks it.

"What did you do to toilet design today dear?"


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