Monday, 12 January 2009

Should we care about the Windschuttle hoax?

I don't give a monkey's.

Half the planet has fallen for global warming, which is a bigger hoax, nay fraud, than the Maddof affair.

Windschuttle is small beer.

One day, Al Gore is going to put one hand under his chin and pull upwards, tearing off a latex mask and revealing himself to be The Joker.

At that point, I will laugh.

Then I will shoot every Green in sight.


Margo's Maid said...

Windschuttle is publishing a book about the stolen generations sometime soon, so this was a pre-emptive attempt to discredit him.

His book "The Fabrication of Aboriginal History" is essential reading for anyone wanting to learn just how bad Australia's historians really are.

1735099 said...

Actually, Margo, Windschuttle promised Vol 2 of "The Fabrication of Australian History" years ago. It was originally to deal with Aboriginal massacres, but when his research showed that the evidence for these was incontrovertible, he switched the topic to The Stolen Generation.
Some extracts have been published, but you can only conjecture as to the reason for the delay of the release of the whole work.
Maybe it has something to do with the necessity to ensure rigorous checking of source material?
This was, after all, what made him look pretty silly last week, particularly given that it is exactly what he has called people like Henry Reynolds for.
In the end, it's polemics from both sides - little more than light entertainment.

Boy on a bike said...

My great grandfather, or perhaps great-great grandfather fought at the Battle of Pinjarra.

A fight between two sides used to be called a battle.

Nowadays, if the whitefellas win, it's a massacre.

If the blackfellas win, it's resistance.

I just prefer to stick to the term "battle".