Saturday, 24 January 2009

From tarragon to toast

No, this is not a dope plant. This is the start of a tarragon hedge. I found to my cost last year that there are two main types of tarragon - French and Russian (I think) and one is lovely and edible and the other is completely yuck. The first variety that I planted was of course the one that was absolutely dreadful.

As I said last night, my intention tonight was to make a tomato salad using a yard of tarragon. Note the tape measure on the benchtop - it is set to 100cm, or about a yard. [As an aside, the ammo belts in WWII fighters were nine yards long, hence the saying "going the whole nine yards", which meant filling a Jerry full of lead].

The end result. Oil and toast some slices of sourdough, spoon over the top and enjoy immensely. The pommegranate in the background is for my next adventure in salads.


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