Saturday, 24 January 2009

Growth in Chinese CO2 slows - and we're buggered

This week saw grim news that the Chinese aren't in the mood for us to dig up the north of our continent and ship it to their infernal factories and dark, satanic mills. Krudd made a speech saying how terrible it was that China's growth has stalled.

KEVIN Rudd has warned that the sudden collapse in China's economic growth reported yesterday will wipe $5 billion off Australia's annual exports and destroy domestic jobs.

Oh dear. Let me see if I have this straight. If China slows down, Australians lose their jobs. The main things China imports from us are commodities. So if China imports less of our commodities, that is a bad thing because people lose their jobs. I get it now.

Mr Rudd said it was now clear the deterioration of global financial markets was continuing despite global efforts to stimulate economic activity. He said the recovery of the economy of China was as important to Australia as that of the US - the initial source of the global crisis.

So we want China to recover, and go back to importing Australia one state at a time. It's very important for governments to stimulate economic activity, so miners can go back to hacking into the bowels of Gaia, and shipping it offshore so that it can be turned into metals, toxic waste and CO2.

"People are anxious, people are concerned, people are afraid," he said. "And these things are true because the consequences of which we speak (job losses) are real."

Isn't it strange how when the Greens propose something like a ban on logging or refusing permission for a new mine to open, the fact that jobs are lost, or potential jobs are not created is no big deal. When times were good, we could afford to throw a few hundred timber workers out of work here, or block the creation of some mining jobs there without worrying about it. But now that times are bad, suddenly job losses in the mining sector, and losses in other sectors from the knock-on effects, is a terrible, terrible thing. When loggers were thrown out of work, were they not "anxious, concerned and afraid"?

Yes, the consequences are indeed real.

"They confirm that the Chinese boom that has supercharged the Australian economy over the past five to seven years is receding rapidly," he said. "That's a big problem for Australia."

This is from the same bunch of clowns that have spent the last 5 years weeing in their bags over the amount of CO2 that China has been dumping into the atmosphere - a consequence of China importing vast amounts of Australian dirt. Now, China is going to be producing less CO2 - or at least the growth in its emmissions will slow right down - and that is "a big problem for Australia?"

Spare me while I throw up in the corner.

He said the Government would consider its response and was prepared to take whatever action was required to support jobs and economic growth.

Hang on, now he wants to support our extractive and processing industries - those same industries that he is trying to strangle with his "carbon pollution" scheme? Get a grip, Krudd - get a grip. It's one thing or the other.

"When someone loses their job - and they have and they will - our responsibility is not just to see that person as a statistic," he said.

Would he be saying the same thing if people were losing their jobs as a result of his carbon pollution scheme - given that the slowdown in China and a carbon reduction scheme essentially amount to the same thing. Destroying the economy and throwing people out of work.

"Our responsibility is to reach out and help at the level of government, at the level of community and at the level of being someone's neighbour.

Oops, I want to hurl again after reading that piffle. If he says, "I feel your pain", I will want to punch someone in the face.

"It's not just the fact of someone losing their job - it's the human person and their dignity and the impact on their family which lies beyond that as well."

Really? I reckon if you go down to Newtown tonight, they'll be dancing in the streets - just like the Palestinians did after September 11. You see, to the birkenstock wearing clowns with rings through their faces and a dole cheque in one pocket and a flyer from Socialist International in the other, this is the best thing since sliced bread. Thanks to the global crisis, Gaia will be saved. It will be saved by greedy Wall Street bankers rather than swampies protesting in the streets - how ironic can things get?

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