Thursday, 22 January 2009

Firegazer ends the beer drought

I mentioned to Gaydancer - sorry, Firegazer - the other night that we still hadn't gotten around to stocking the new fridge with beer. The old fridge was so small, there was no room for it, so I'm not used to the idea of putting beer in the fridge - or taking it out for that matter.

Pinkprancer - sorry, Firegazer - generously donated two bottles of Boag's, one of which can be seen in the Monkey chair at left (how is it that the only chair that we own with a beer holder belongs to a three year old?)

The fridge has now been christened. I hope Balletdancer - sorry, Firegazer - is happy that the world is a more sociable place.

[Sorry M, but whenever I think of Firegazer, it immediately brings to mind Mills & Boon. "Penelope waited as Stargazer rode towards her on his unicorn, her loins heaving with lust blah blah blah".]

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