Saturday, 24 January 2009

Breakfast of champions

Back in 2003, our family went to Darwin to celebrate Mum's birthday. We spent some time in Darwin itself (my sister was living there at the time), a few days visiting Kakadu etc and a few days on Crab Claw Island. Unless the only thing you want to do with your life is go fishing, I would avoid Craw Claw. It's nice, but there is nothing to do but kill sea kittens all day long.

This is what we had for breakfast on the day of Mum's birthday. Beans on toast, washed down with Moet. (Moet was a Dutchman by the way, so you pronounce the "t" - it is not "mo-ee", it is "mo-eT").

The "resort" (if you wish to call it that) is all built on stilts, with each cabin being linked by a pathway in the sky. The bugs are absolutely ferocious. You can drive there, but it is quite a hike, or you can catch a small plane across Darwin harbour - takes about 15 minutes (that's what we did).

Whilst in Kakadu, my brother and me took a scenic chopper flight. It turned out that the pilot and I were in the same boarding house at school - he was a few years younger than me. At one point, my brother asked over the intercom "So, did Boy beat you up when you were at school?"

In response, the pilot threw the stick hard over and tried to tip me out of the chopper into a crocodile infested swamp.

You have to be careful who you thump when you are at school!

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