Saturday, 10 January 2009

Rosemeadow, home of human rabbits

"Never in my life have I seen a politician walk through my street," mother-of-seven Debbie-Jo Thompson, 32, said yesterday.

"Come down and walk through here. I want to know what they do for the children in the community."

"It's like we're the forgotten people. It's like we don't exist."

You do exist, lady. If anything, too many of you exist.

The mothers of the housing estate banded together yesterday to slam the lack of playgrounds and community services for their children in the violence plagued area and said they had never seen Mr West or Mr Costa.

Playgrounds are the responsibility of your local council. I have no love for our state government, but this is something that is not in their bailiwick.

"Even the park has got nothing there or what's there is broken.

Here's an idea - stop smashing up the stuff that you're given. We, the taxpayers, are not going to endlessly replace stuff because your out of control feral offspring like to break things. Take your broken swings and stick them up your date.

Along with other elders, John Whiu visited every house in Macbeth Way last night to offer families counselling services.

I am sick to crap about all this talk about "elders". Why is it that whenever there's trouble in a busted-arse "community", the "elders" are wheeled out for talks.

Who the fuck are these "elders"? Given that the last report I read talked about a grandmother, aged 35, these "elders" might be younger than me. I'd like to know the point of involving these "elders", given they clearly have no control over the youngsters. If they had any influence, leadership and control, these things wouldn't happen in the first place.


tehunni said...

i live in dis st i am 17 n have seen it all includin seein my m8s house burn to the ground due 2 a broken power point that was in a 2 yr olds room that has been there over 15yrs n housso com has been asked to repaire it for the past 15yrs that they refused to do where my m8 n his wife had to break threw the childs door in the middle of the nite n jump out the window wit ther 2yr old where if they hadnt he would had died i have lived in this st my whole life i was born in c-town hospital i aint dis where u live so dnt u dis where i live u fukers aint even no y dis riot started u have only heard what the media wants u to no n 1 side of da story u all should go get fuked dnt judge till u no da full story im only doin this to bak my m8 up n to get the story of our st out u try livin in these followin conditions and hounestly tell me if u wouldnt get fed up after 10 years; we live with carpet that dirty it looks like a bum has slept on it for a year wit out a shower since we have moved in, we live wit bloked sinks, baths, showers, broken cupboards that hit u on da head each time u open them gas leaks, broken gates and fence holes in the roof and walls that have been there since we yet again moved in and broken windows bored up once again from when we first moved in missin roof tiles n broken power points and every time we try to fix da problems housso com refuse them n make us thake them down i am a taxpayer as well n u aint here me complain half the ppl in my st work n pay tax 2 thats y they want things for there children GIVE US SOMETHIN TO RESPECT N WE WILL RESPECT IT! we hav lived in these conditions for way to long n our hole st r fed up, sik n tired of our family, children n friends livin like this we wnt a future for our kids but its hard when u cnt giv dem a nice hme onlii shower them in love every1 in dis st r big hearted ppl that are raisin not onli there kids but other relatives and friends children as well! so get ur fukin facts rite instead of callin us ferals n scum we aint none of dis shit we live in dis st cause we got no where else 2 go we r tryin to fix our st but its hard wen the council n hosso wont help us out n let us fix these problems in our homes n streets if ur lifes r so grest wat r u doin sittin on ur ass's instead of goin out n livin dem instead of googlin the only reason i no bout dis is cause of my aunti n im tryin to tell u y our st is like it is n u should go get a fukin life we aint dis out ur st n ur homes so aint dis ours we r ppl n deserve to b treated like ppl mayb the reason the riot kept goin was cause of the media n papers blowin everythin out of precaution so just think bout wat i have sed n GET DA FUK OVA IT U NO LIFE FUKERS BLAME THE REAL PPL IN CHARGE NOT THE INNOCENT!!!!!!

Wallitron said...

Hi Tehunni,

Please don't take this as a sign of disrespect. I think your message is a good one, and deserves to be heard. Unfortunately, I think your message was very poorly delivered making it difficult to read. I've retyped this message so that hopefully more people understand your side of this story.

I live in this street. I am 17 and have seen it all, including seeing my mate's house burn to the ground. The cause of the fire was a faulty power point that was in the room of a 2 year old. The fault has been evident for the past 15 years and housing commission had refused to repair it. My mate and his wife had to break though the childs door in the middle of the night and jumped out of the window to safety with the 2 year old. The child would have almost certainly died had it's parents not come to it's aid.

I have lived in this street my whole life, I was borned in Campbelltown Hospital. I'm not disrespecting where you live, so please don't disrespect where I live. You fuckers don't even know why this riot started, you have only heard what the media wants you to know, one side of the story. You all should go get fucked, don't judge until you know the full story. I am only doing this to back up my mate and get the story of our street out. You should try living in these conditions and honestly tell me if you wouldn't get fed up after 10 years.

We live with carpet that's so dirty it looks like a bum has slept on it for a year without a shower. We live with blocked sinks, baths, showers, broken cupboards that hit you on the head each time you open them. Gas leaks, broken gates and fences, holes in the roof and walls. All of this damage was before we even moved in 10 years ago. Broken windows boarded up, missing roof tiles, broken power points, and every time we try to fix the problems the housing commission refuse and make us take them down.

I am a tax payer as well and you don't hear me complain. Half the people in my street work and pay taxes too. That's why they want things for their children, give us something to respect and we will respect it. We have lived in these conditions for way too long and our whole stret is fed up. Sick and tired of our family, children and friends living like this. We want a future for our kids but its hard when you cant give them a nice home, only shower them in love. Everyone in this street is big hearted, people that are raising not only their own kids but other relatives and friends children as well. So get your fucking facts right instead of calling us ferals and scum, we aren't. We live in this street because we have nowhere else to go. We're trying to fix our street but it's hard when the council and housing commission won't help out and let us fix these problems.

If your lives are so great what are you doing sitting on your arse instead of going out and living, rather than googling? The only reason I know about this is because my aunty and I are trying to tell you why our street is like it is. You should got get a fucking life, we aren't disrespecting your homes so please don't disrespect ours. We are people and deserve to be treated like people. Maybe the reason the riot kept going was because the media and papers blowing everything out of proportion. Just think about what I have said. Get the fuck over it you no life fuckers and blame the real people in charge, not the innocent!!

Anonymous said...

Maybe that community could organise it's own fundraiser and/or clean-up.

Maybe chicken is a vegetable.

Anonymous said...


Maybe you could take some personal responsibility and fix and/or pay for things like blocked sinks and faulty power points yourselves. You know, like the rest of us do. Your 'gimme gimme gimme' attitude (the government should do it for us) is pathetic.

Anonymous said...

I've had to live in places like that here in the states. You can clean carpet, or rip it out if you've got concrete underneath. Concrete is great, you can clean it with a broom and a mop.

If its wood underneath you may still be o.k. Unless its really nasty you can put a sheet of get sealant from the hardware store and seal in all the dirt and the splinters.

If cabinets are falling off, take them off! You can get a sheet from good will and make curtains for your cabinet with it. You don't even need a sewing machine. You can use that sticky hem tape from the drugstore to make the pocket for the string you put through it...or if you can afford it you can get springy curtain rod holders from the hardware store. They're actually really cheap.

My husband has fixed faulty power points, blocked sinks, toilets and showers too. He's even had to tear down walls and remove rotting beams.

You can't and shouldn't rely on the government to take care of these things for you. It drains you of initiative---and obviously leaves you living in a rat hole.

Anonymous said...

Funny how it's everyone's responsibility to fix your problems but yours. You're 'innocent'.

You write like an illiterate idiot, complain that the subsidized lodging you receive isn't of high enough quality so you feel free to trash it and still feel like a victim. Do you have any idea how contemptible you are?

Half the people in your street work and pay taxes? That's big of them. I guess we should feel grateful that at least half of you can be bothered to. So guess WE owe YOU something, right?

Seriously, go to hell you moron.

O sry i meen GTFO LOLOL111