Friday, 2 January 2009

Harmless rockets my arse

Oh, the irony. From the SMH today:

Cracker explosion injures children

Yesterday morning, one of her children, Matthew, 8, walked across the road and found the unexploded cracker. He brought it home and two brothers and a sister gathered round to look at it.

"I don't know how they found a lighter, but someone did," Ms Pawsey said. One of the children lit a fuse and the cracker went off with a huge explosion, almost severing the left thumb of her son, Joshua, 12, and badly injuring his legs and chin.

It hit Matthew with a deafening impact. A blast of shrapnel peppered the face and body of Lakeisha, 3, and burnt her hair. Zachary, 5, was hit on the legs.

The next moment, Ms Pawsey heard screaming and the children ran into her. Blood was spurting from Joshua's thumb, which hung limp. What had been a peaceful New Year's Day turned into a nightmare.

Ms Pawsey called an ambulance and tried first aid. The ambulance took Joshua, Matthew and Lakeisha to Gosford Hospital. Joshua was flown to the Children's Hospital at Westmead and yesterday afternoon was being prepared for nine hours of surgery to save his thumb.

That's not a good thing to happen to kids. But if this sort of damage can be done by home made fireworks, imagine what a "home made" rocket packed with explosives and ball bearings can do. Multiplied by a few thousand.

Lowenstein, you are a twat of the first order.

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