Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Two view from the Iron Cove bridged

The local wing nuts have been busy this week, running around sticking posters on every available vertical surface that beseech thee to get thyself to a rally to object to a new bridge at this location.

I think the protesters are confused. What they should be objecting to is an extra bridge, not a new one. For those of you not from around here, the latest proposal is to slap up another bridge next to the existing bridge, thus moving the morning and evening bottlenecks about a kilometre up the road in each direction. I don't care - I ride a bike in order to avoid sitting in a car during peak hour traffic. I did a survey on happiness and stress tonight, and it reminded me that I have very little stress in my life. That's mainly because I have assiduously avoided the major causes of stress - traffic and huge debt. Plus working in an office full of numb skulls.

Riding to and from work with a view like this helps to keep my stress levels down around the level of a Buddhist monk. That's a ferry getting ready to pull into the wharf at Birkenhead Point. Nice.

That's the view in one direction as you rde across the Iron Cove Bridge. I like this view.

Here is the other view. This bridge amazes me because there is absolutely no guard or safety rail between the footpath and the road. Libertarians might think thats a good thing, but all you need is for two joggers to collide and one of them is going to end up under a car speeding past. I always get paranoid when it's really windy, and the cross winds start blowing the bike this way and that.

I like the idea of a new bridge because it might include proper paths for pedestrians and cyclists, rather than the abortion which the RTA has currently saddled us with. So the pointy headed protesters can take their posters and stick them up their arse. I want to see concrete, and lots of it, and sooner rather than later.

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