Wednesday, 16 January 2008


I find the best way to cross the city from east to west is to zip down towards Central and to follow the tram tracks. Oops, gotta call them "light rail" in Sydney - tram is just too old fashioned a word.

The downside of following the tram tracks from Darling Harbour across to Pitt St is that they are used by trams every now and then. I never, ever get in front of one - I am paranoid that I'll fall over and get chopped into little bits. If one is in the vicinity, I just tuck in behind it and patiently follow it until I get to peel off a bit further up the line. They don't move very fast - barely faster than a fast walk, so following them can be a bit of a chore. Also, the stops go on forever. A bit like a Fidel Castro speech if you ask me.

I was riding down the tracks the other night when I spotted a family waiting on a platform for a tram. They had a hyperactive 4 or 5 year old, and he was pointing at the tracks and yelling out something about rails, and then he saw me coming and yelled out "He's going to get SQUASHED by a tram", as he pointed straight at me. The parents, started chiding him for being a bit upfront with a complete stranger, but it cracked me up. Kids can come out with the funniest things at times.

The following night, there was a family at the same spot with younger kids. Once again, I was pointed at, and this time called a tram. Smallest bloody tram in Sydney if you ask me.

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