Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Not so speedy

J took this photo on a back road outside Griffith. We were undertaking out annual pilgrimage to the Catania fruit farm to buy some odd ball jams and mustards. (I got some Shiraz jam, which is not made with wine, but with Shiraz grapes, and my favourite 5 cup relish, which is a great tomato chutney that goes well with bacon and eggs).

Mr Turtle here was going from the drain or canal on one side of the road to the weedy, swampy, algae infested canal on the other side of the road. I spotted him at a distance, and initially thought he might have been a goanna or blue tongued lizard, but as we got closer, we say that it was a long necked turtle of some kind.

I am sure someone will tell me it's a tortoise rather than a turtle. I don't care. I'm calling it a turtle.

It didn't like being photographed very much - as soon as J hopped out with the camera, he pulled in all appendages and sat there on the tarmac like an upturned dinner plate.

Not the kind of thing you see every day.

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