Monday, 21 January 2008

Slum town

When I feel like extending my ride home just a wee bit, I take a left as I go down the big hill on Lilyfield Road and head out towards Leichhardt, home of the people with many tinfoil hats.

Leichhardt is one of those councils that has a thing about promoting "affordable housing", instead of telling the plebs to fuck off out to the fringe where the rents are cheap. Housing would be more affordable for the rest of us if the 15% of the suburb that is set aside for dole bludgers and drug addicts was bulldozed and turned into nice middle class housing.

One of the markers of the affordable housing precinct is the cavalcade of shopping trolleys. I snapped these hiding their light under a bushel down the back of a laneway that will never, ever be visited by the trolley collector (unless I tip him off). The difference between a chav wanker and a middle class wanker is that a dole bludging wanker will hide a trolley in the most difficult spot to collect it, whilst a middle class wanker will dump their trolley on my front lawn, making it very, very easy for the trolley man to collect it.

I used to think that the wanker down the street was complete scum for dumping her trolley on my lawn every day, but now I consider her as being very considerate - at least compared to the flea ridden housebreakers that dumped these.

Oh look! A lonsome trolley in a laneway. I am sure that when I pass by here again next week, it will have bred and produced a trolley snake.

Another indicator of tribes of the ill-bred is the vandalised electricity substation. The silly fuckers around here can't even paint a decent picture when they vandalise things - they just scrawl some impossible to read tag on public infrastructure and fuck off. If the government won't ban spray cans, they should at least start cutting the thumbs off these pricks.

Slums. Why can't we have them on the outskirts of the city - like they do in places like Rio? Why do we keep our trash close at hand?

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