Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Hideous chairs

Spotted this outside an antique shop last week. J was interested enough in it for me to put her in handcuffs and lead her away.

Our family had a set of these when we were kids. It was our BBQ furniture (although we had reproduction stuff cast in aluminium). I remember how grateful I was when some local scum hopped the fence and stole the lot. It was the most unbelievably uncomfortable table setting I have ever used. Dad gained my eternal gratitude by going to Bunnings and buying some comfortable plastic chairs as replacements. The plastic replacements are ugly, but so nice to sit in when one is relaxing by the pool with a beer or three.

These things should have been melted down during WWII and turned into Spitfires or tanks or something useful.

If Hicks was still in Guantanamo, I'd send him a set for his cell. Five years sitting on these would be torture beyond description.

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