Sunday, 27 January 2008

Exploding tilty-headed juxtaposition

I spotted this beaten up pile of pus on my morning perambulation around the wogdom this morning. It was be-clad with three items that didn't seem to go that well together.

To start with, there is an Australian flag hanging from the aerial. Then there are the two stickers of the "no thappy john" variety stuck to the rear bumper.

I thought that flag waving was the province these days of mad, right wing fascist racists that like nothing better than going to Cronulla and beating up a few gentle mussiefolks. How then can a lefty bring themself to show a bit of patriotism by proudly displaying the existing flag? At the very least, they should have selected a flag of either the southern cross variety or perhaps the Aboriginal flag..... a flag that fails to display any hint of pride in our country or our heritage.

Ah well. I expect that next time I see this car, it will be draped in an enormous black crepe paper armband.

One other thing to ponder. If I see a car belonging to a lefty and find that it is displaying a sticker that I find objectionable, the worst that I do is photograph it and display it for the purposes of mockery. If I put a "I vote Liberal" sticker on my car, the least I can expect is to have the car keyed.

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