Saturday, 12 January 2008

Cars, cars, cars

With car sales topping the million mark last year, it is no surprise that our car importing facilities (ie, wharves) are running flat out. Here's another car carrier next to the ANZAC Bridge - I am pretty sure it was leaving. I only stopped for a minute to take photos, and there were some guys down the bow casting off lines. I was hoping to see the tugs pull it out, but I didn't have time to hang around all morning. I love watching stuff like this - people actually doing things.

Other people were hard at work (I presume) loading cars onto car carrying trucks and hauling them away. There is a road that goes under the bridge that I am standing on, and a few trucks roared down it as I stood there. Yesterday, I got a photo that showed some Hummers in the front row - new deliveries now mean that they are a few rows back. The cars, they just keep coming in.

So many are coming in that they are being parked in storage areas around the wharf that I have never noticed being in use before. These were parked in an area kind of behind the wheat silos that you see as you approach the ANZAC Bridge.

And yet more were parked on a wharf across the harbour, and I have never noticed any over there before. Apologies for the lousy photo, but I had to use a lot of zoom, and it's hard to get a good photo when you are braced against a bridge railing that is vibrating with every passing bus.

Interesting to note that many of the vehicles coming in are commercial - light trucks (say 5 tonners), crew cab Hiluxes, delivery vans and that sort of thing. I wonder if it is the commercial vehicle sector that is driving sales.

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