Sunday, 13 January 2008

This guy rocks!

Go to this website and watch the videos.

No, it is not gay sheep porn. It is someone defending some of our rights, and doing it in a way that brought a big smile to my face. As the yanks would say, he kicks ass.

I just wish he had kicked them in the balls, but that's a bit difficult to achieve.

I went to a school with a bloke who became a lawyer and ended up working for the Human Rights and Equal Opportunities Commission (HREOC) in Sydney. I never spoke to him about his work, but I never imagined him to be such a softcock. We went and saw a band once. He got totally shitfaced, and passed out whilst sitting on the bog at the venue. Luckily, the boggers had no doors, so it was easy to find him, but I had to pick him up, pull his pants up and carry him out of there slung over my shoulder.

Not a good look.

Bodies like the HREOC shit me to tears.

My only other contact with HREOC is that some years ago, they apparently suffered a budget cut and were forced to get rid of some staff and ditch some expensive office space in the city. The company that I was working for at the time took over a floor from them, and it was a lovely place to work. Big offices - and lots of offices. Most places that I've been in have say 1 office per 20 or 30 workstations. This place had a ratio more like 1:4. Given that offices take a lot of space, and are thus expensive, they were throwing a lot of money around on rent.

I had to get a cabler in to do some work. He turned up, looked around a whistled. When I asked why, he said "This is the most expensive workstation furniture that you can buy".

Your tax dollars at work.

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