Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Todays sights

Well, lookee here - an admiral of the fleet being chauffered around in a lovely Statesman. Note the one star below the number plate. What these guys need is a decent pennant to fly from the front of the car - as in the old days when the RN had the Admiral of the White, the Admiral of the Blue etc.

I am amazed that I was able to take this photo without being shot as a spy.

A different sort of cyclist - notice the complete lack of pretentious lycra clothing (like the stuff I wear), the casual sandals, the relaxed bike. It's nice to think that someone can just walk out of the office and hop on their bike in the clothes that they are in and cycle a short distance home.

Oh, the irony. I bought a new kevlar-lined tyre the other day after getting a flat, and vowed to replace the back tyre as soon as I got home....

Of course I never got around to it, and so copped another puncture tonight. The old tyre has done over 6000km, which is more than was expected from it, and it is so thin, you can almost see through it in places.

It's classic though that the spot where I punctured was right outside the house of a greenie, and I punctured on a stack of broken glass that was spread all over the road. Nice of the greenie to care enough about her environment to actually not think about cleaning it up.

The bike is now of course sporting a very nice new kevlar lined it should have been doing a month ago. Never put of until tomorrow what you can do today.

Another non-trendoid cyclist spotted on the way home. This bloke was surprisingly hard to catch. There are some dark horses out there. Normally, if I see some skinny bloke in a bespoke lycra shirt and an expensive bike, I know I have no chance of getting anywhere near him. However, if I spot an old bloke in a singlet and thongs, I reckong I can drag his arse off.

Not this bloke though. Must be an undercover lycra owner.

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