Tuesday, 22 January 2008

More bottoms

Ah, another fellow commuter, snapped as we ground up a hill in Pyrmont. Some commuters favour the baggy shorts, like this guy. I don't, because lycra is so much better when it gets wet, and you can never tell whether the ride home will be dry or wet. This guy is also well rugged up - it was 18 degrees when I left this morning, and I just wore my normal short sleeved cycling jersey. It was nippy for about 1 minute, and then I hit a hill and all worries about being cold vanished. I can't believe that this guy seems to be wearing two layers of puffy jackets.

I've always been interested in getting some panniers like those above, but it would mean converting my lean, mean road bike into a commuting plodder. That is, I would have to fit a carry thing at the back, and that is just so un-cool. I'm also not a big fan of mudguards. Yes, it keeps the spray off your back, but if it's raining hard enough, a bit of spray up the back will make no difference. If it's not raining very hard, then stop being such a pussy.

Then we have racing guy here below, except that he was not racing very fast. This is more my look - a small back pack, lycra knicks, a "proper" cycling jersey and a road bike completely free of accoutrements.

I think I look a lot wider from the rear though. I used the monorail recently, and discovered just how narrow the exit gates are at the turnstiles. My hips (as in hip bones) touch on either side if I go through without rotating sideways a bit. I have no idea how the fatties get in - or out. Maybe that's the point? Does the monorail have a weight limit that we don't know about?

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