Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Harvest time

Most city dwellers probably presume that harvest time means oddly dressed peasants wandering the fields with a scythe over the shoulder, stacking stooks of hay and threshing wheat from husks.

Yeah. And milk comes from cardboard cartons.

As I wandered back and forth along the Sturt Highway, I failed to stop and take photos of the different methods used to stack hay bales. These is what a stack of jumbo bales looks like at 100kmh.

Then there is the farmer that prefers to use the big cylindrical bales, which are barely visible through my bug-gut splattered windscreen. Various other combinations were apparent, but none of them turned out in my "I'm not slowing down from 100 to take a photo of that" list of photos.

This to me is the symbol of harvest time - a line of semi's waiting at the weighbridge at a wheat bin.

So much for attractively piled stooks painted by impressionist artists.

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