Thursday, 31 January 2008


Three items of filth spotted today. For starters, this little smokers cubby hole in town. I don't mind smoking itself - I used to do it on a regular basis 20 years ago, and I am not one to get preachy about other people's choices. What fucking irks me though is the fact that these filthy little fuckers can't be bothered to cart their butts away after fag time. Surely it is not impossible to get a small tin - like a tobacco tin of old, or an old film canister (remember either of them) and to use that as an ashtray and receptacle for the cast offs? I've seen plenty of Nips doing it at the snow, and although I do find smoking in the snow to be rather filthy (purity of the mountain air and all that), I do respect the fact that the slanty eyed little bastards religiously stubb out their butts in their portable ashtrays and never, ever litter the mountain.

If there was a fire hose nearby, I'd drench the next turd that dropped a butt here. Might give them some explaining to do when they got back to the office.

Behind this concrete wall lies part of the City West Link. After much goading, I finally convinced the RTA two years ago to send a crew to this spot to regularly paint this wall. A rabble of Housing Commissions dregs live not far from here, and seem to spend their days bonging on around here and spraying this wall with crap.

It pains me to see that the RTA has continued to uphold it's end of the bargain regarding painting this wall, but the little fuckers keep coming back - like cockroaches. Personally, I'd chop their thumbs off and stuff them up their arse.

The third bit of filth relates to a bombed out car that was due to be towed last year. The rego ran out in June, and it had obviously been crashed "lightly" - but enough to make it undriveable. I was about to report it as abandoned when someone else beat me to the punch. The Police actually extracted digit for once and removed the plates, and eventually the car disappeared.

Hooray, I thought. One less pile of shit cluttering up the neighbourhood.

But then on the way home tonight, I spotted it parked up a sidestreet not far from where it had been before. The sneaky little bat fucker has obviously thought that if he moves the car, the tow trucks will not look that hard for it, and he can hang onto it a bit longer.

Ha ha. Not after I've reported it. If he moves it again, I reckon I'll just have to deflate all his tyres.

So endeth the lesson in the War Against Filth.

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