Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Bike free day

I'm having a day off - no pedal work today. That means I don't have a chance of cracking the 100 mile total this week, but it meant that I was free to go for a longer, faster ride yesterday.

OK, longer and faster have to be put in perspective here. I am talking about the equivalent of giving amphetamines to a turtle. Instead of going step.............step...........step..............step, he would be going step......step.......step.....step - you see the mammoth increase in speed that I am talking about?

It just meant that I was free to push it on the hills and the flats as I would not be crawling out of bed at 6am for the ride into work. I pulled Jackie Stewart out of the memory banks and gave it the "More power!" all the way home. The upshot was that by 8pm, I was almost asleep standing up. Amazing how well I sleep after really giving it the gun on the way home.

So I have no morning routine to attend to this morning. I don't have to worry about putting fresh socks and jocks in my back pack, finding the case for my reading glasses (so they don't get mangled as they jostle around in the backpack with the bike chain, phone, wallet etc). Last night, I didn't have to lay out some knicks and a jersey and some socks in the office, in preparation for an early morning change. (I have found that I wake fewer people up if I get dressed outside the bedroom when it is pitch black).

My morning drink was a coffee instead of a glass of Endura (to ward off the cramps and latter-day muscle spasms). I actually got to eat breakfast at home (an omelet with truffles no less).

There was no getting the hands dirty whilst putting a few more pounds of air in the tyres. No tippy-toeing across the wet grass in bare feet to the back patio where I pull on my socks and shoes and helmet and gloves. No fretting about whether I had forgotten my company ID or not.

Funnily enough, the morning seems to be really empty and without purpose as a result.

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