Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Once more into the breach

I've been without computer for over a week, and frankly I didn't miss it at all. Some might think that I am addicted to my PC, since I sit in front of it often and blog or read other blogs or peruse weird sites that discuss US politics and other stuff. But when I am away from home, the PC holds no allure. I've had friends take a laptop on ski trips, and I just look at them and go, "Why?"

We're here to ski, not to read the news. Who cares what happens beyond those white, snow capped mountains? We can worry about that next week when we get back to whatever it is we do for the rest of the year.

I have just spent the equivalent of a week in the snow, but without the mountains, the snow, the cold and the schnapps. We have been in Narranderra visiting family.


Depart Sydney as if heading for Canberra. Avoid taking the Canberra turn off. Two hours later, take the Wagga turn off. But don't stop in Wagga - you kind of skirt the industrial area of Wagga and take the road heading west, which takes you to Narranderra and then Griffith and then Hay (if you are feeling really keen). Narranderra is only an hour up the road from Wagga. Just over 6 hours in total from Sydney (assuming no rest breaks and a full tank of juice).

Narranderra is not the broadband capital of Australia. Given the size of the inhabitants, I'd say the most popular past time is sitting on the recliner watching cable and eating chips by the KFC bucket load. I doubt many of the locals know the internet even exists.

It's not Yass, which is definitely duelling banjo territory. I always get the creeps when we stop at the Yass McDonalds for a coffee refill - in Yass, the locals are both fat and thick. And wierd looking.

David Hicks should move there. He'd fit right in.

I will post more on Narranderra as I dig the photos out. But let me put it this way - the only thing with a keyboard in it in Narranderra is a piano.

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