Monday, 21 January 2008

Silly new stories, briefly

People, not cars

Yes, we're heard that one before. Hell will freeze over first.

As for this: and create lively spaces to meet and connect socially.

What that means is create spaces where the mentally ill and the work shy can annoy the living hell out of everyone else.

Vandals drown

Hooray. Although the SMH calls a drunken spree of wanton vandalism "an adventure". Maybe I'll have to go visit their editor and have "an adventure" in his office with a can of pain and a half litre of vodka. I'm sure he won't mind some hijinks.

The kicker - the survivor was 27. Aren't people supposed to have grown out of this sort of thing by that age?

Leichharct council and long waits

Leichhardt are officially the slowest council in NSW. That's no surprise to anyone that has ever read the minutes of a council meeting. It's also the most wooly headed council, and the mayor allows all sorts of unnecessary crap onto the agenda. The agenda is in fact just a pile of mad agendas being pushed by fringe groups. I'm amazed they ever get around to reviewing DA's.

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