Thursday, 17 January 2008


Well, I'm approaching the end of It's your time you're wasting, and I have found a mistake.

I am 85% of the way through by the way - see, I can understand and calculate percentages. Lucky me.

Well, I thought I found a mistake on page 167. It was there last night. Then again, it's 6am, and my eyes are encrusted with sleep goo, so it might just take a while for it to reveal itself. Sneaky little bugger of a thing - I knew I should have highlighted it whilst I was awake.

The book by the way is a good yarn all the way to the end. Ok, it's a good yarn to 85% of the way through. If I knock off the remaining 15% tonight, I'll let you know if the last 15% is as good as the first 15%. Mr Chalk, bless him, has not produced a thigh bruising book of 1000 pages that runs out of steam at the halfway mark and is padded with useless blather. It's short, punchy and contains just the sufficient number of pages to make his point.

If only other authors could do the same. It would also help if editors did their job properly.

I still recommend that you go buy this book.

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