Thursday, 24 January 2008

A day in the life of...

This morning felt like a scene out of The Truman Show. There I am, riding along when this guy pops out of a side street right in front of me. I tailed him for a while - long enough to get this photo at least.

Then a few streets later, another cyclist pops out in front of both of us and hightails it up the hill. I hadn't warmed up enough to catch him, but there he is, slogging away from us in the distance.

That scene was repeated all the way into town. As I headed around the Bay, this dude in black popped out in front of us.

Then unfortunately, so did this thing, and I got a lung full of rotting fish and week old nappies.

When I got to Lilyfield Road, it happened again. There I am, cruising along when a bike suddenly appears in front of me. What is going on? Is this leap out in front of other cyclists week?

Check out the calves on this guy.

On the way home, I was momentarily annoyed by this bloke on his electric bike. He seemed to make a point of trying to overtake me at the worst possible moments, like at choke points or when we were trying to negotiate a nasty set of traffic lights.

The electric assist is not a bad idea. Look at the way he is dressed - he could ride from one end of town without breaking a sweat, whilst I get home looking like I have just taken a dip in the pool.

I still dragged his arse off though. He was toodling around behind Darling Harbour and I just ripped past him. Har har har - take that Mr Electric Dude. The only thing he really used his battery for was to run two red lights. I hate that.

I tailed this guy for a while on the way home, mainly because he was the first cyclist to not leap out in front of me today. I was intrigued by what he was wearing. His shirt is not lycra, but it is made out of some easy to breathe exercise material. I don't get the wearing of a shirt like that and then a reflective belt over the top. Why not just do as I do and buy a nice lycra shirt that is very breathable and is so bright, it's amost reflective all over?

This runner deserves a mention. I tailed him for a few hundred metres, and clocked him at 23km/h. He was really moving, and he looked unbelievably fit. Way to go - what an athelete. This man is a running God.

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